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Sound Meditation


Sound Meditation

Sound meditation involves immersing oneself in the waves of calming and echoing sounds, usually while laying on a yoga mat with a blanket and pillows for added comfort, to promote a relaxed meditative state. The engaging combination of sound frequencies and vibrations help participants let go of distracting thoughts and physically unwind. Several studies have shown that sound meditation is helpful in reducing stress, fatigue, and some symptoms of depression. It is viewed as an affordable, non-invasive method to calm the nervous system that complements other approaches such as yoga and vagus nerve stimulation exercises.

Living Audio

Living Audio is available to provide sound mediation sessions at their main location in N. Raleigh; onsite at private practice offices or yoga studios; as part of mental health programs or retreats; local businesses and/or other private groups. A variety of wind and percussion instruments, such as gongs, crystal bowls, flutes, Cajons, chimes, and rain sticks, will be intentionally combined to foster deep relaxation within the 45 minute session.

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Kimberly Kornegay

Kimberly has been a working musician for most of her life and currently is the lead singer for the Feral Cats band. A percussionist with many years of experience on a drum kit and hand percussion, her journey has taken her on many paths including becoming certified as a Sound Meditation Facilitator. With the skills and training needed to aid stress reduction and enhance relaxation using a variety of instruments to directly reveal the power of sound as a tool for mental, physical, and spiritual attunement.  In addition to sound meditation,