Living Arts Psychotherapy

Living Arts is Private Pay only.

Private Pay Rates

  • Initial Assessment: $170 (90 minutes)
  • $198/6-week series pre-paid ($33/90 min. group session)
  • Individual psychotherapy or KAP $130/hr
  • KAP Medication Session Support $150/up to 2 hrs.
  • Monthly Reduced Rate Private Pay Packages

Living Arts accepts private pay.
Please inquire about Reduced Rate fees.

At Living Arts, psychotherapy is a collaborative process where you can share your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors to develop a better understanding of yourself, your values and life goals. Therapy involves self-inquiry that can sometimes lead to uncomfortable feelings and require challenging changes. Outside of the session time you may participate in homework designed to foster and support your goals.

It depends on a person’s needs, therapy goals and other differences. Some clients are in therapy for a few months and others may benefit from a year or two or more. The good news is that many people start feeling relief and experience progress after a few sessions.

There are two main areas to take into consideration.

  1. The modality or treatment approach. Your specific needs and preferences will help determine which approach may be more effective.
  2. The therapist themselves. At the core of therapy is the relationship between the client and the therapist. Observable characteristics (e.g. age, gender, personality, experience level) may help filter your choices, the rest boils down to chemistry. Most all therapists allow for a brief call or meeting so you can see if it feels right.

We all experience times when we need help from others. Life is full of stressful challenges, traumatic experiences and other situations that can max out our ability to manage them. Therapy is just one of the possible solutions. Therapists are required to attach a diagnosis for insurance purposes; however, that does not define you.

It is very unusual for a new client to NOT be nervous. Even the best therapist is still a stranger at first. Usually it takes 5-7 sessions before you begin to feel comfortable sharing some things and longer to develop a strong, trusting relationship.

By licensure and law, all therapists are required to ensure confidentiality of your private health information. This includes the fact that you are in treatment. If someone sees your calendar or otherwise learns you have a connection with Living Arts, we will deny we know you if they happen to call.

Insurance companies pay for care when someone is diagnosed with an illness; however, most of us can enhance our mental health and quality of life in psychotherapy and/or life coaching. So, it is not about “needing” but more if you want it and can privately pay.